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About Furc3D2 -- News -- Download -- Bug Tracker -- Thanks

Furc3D2 is a fully 3d polygonal rendered alternate client for Furcadia. It is the successor to Furc3D, which I made many years ago.

The original Furc3D loaded furc's maps, and used hand-made images for all the ground tiles. The objects and walls were stored in my own 3d model format (.txt files!), and were created/edited by hand (notepad!) with some simple QBasic helper programs to generate basic shapes. Furc3D never actually connected to furcadia, it just let you load the maps and move around them.

At the time I made Furc3D (2000), I had only been using C/C++ for a couple years (had used QBasic for 6-7 years previously), so needless to say a lot of that code had some problems. Additionally, Furc3D was the first major program I had ever written using Direct3D, so it was sort of a learning/test ground while I figured the stuff out. The project was abandoned in 2002, when I lost interest in Furcadia for a while.

In the summer of 2004, I was writing a new program framework from scratch and I needed a testing grounds for it. Thats when I decided to start Furc3D over again from scratch, hence Furc3D2 was born. This time one of my first goals was to get the basic networking stuff going between the client and the server. After that I got basic maps loading, and re-figured out an algorithm to convert their terrible contorted isometric coordinates to reasonable cartesian coordinates. Graphics and the rest of the program followed that.

For those interested, here's about where the original Furc3D made it:
Meovanni Bar
Meovanni Canal

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