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About Furc3D2 -- News -- Download -- Bug Tracker -- Thanks

Please note that this client is still in development. Many things do not work yet.


  • Maps: All unecncrypted dreams should load correctly. Encrypted dreams cannot be loaded yet.
  • Patches: Currently only floor tiles and walls are pulled from dream patches.

  • Floor tiles: Floor tiles are pulled from patches and deskewed and used as textures.
  • Walls: Walls are loaded from patches, stripped of shadows, deskewed, and used as textures. This is still very bugggy though.
  • Objects: A number of the objects in the default patch have models representing them. Any other object has a random little rainbow block representing it.
  • Players: Right now.. just a stack of triangles :P Many of the frame numbers of digo items aren't parsed correctly yet (yay for furc's inconsistant numbering), so those players may appear to be facing the wrong way.
  • Optimization?: Nearly nothing yet. (Don't expect your grandma's PC to run it well)

  • Main server: The basics are there. Player/object/floor/portal update messages are handled. No DS-specific messages are handled though.
  • File server: Basic dream downloads work. No support yet for uploading dreams.

  • Don't ask ;p (Dead simple temporary chat window, and movement controls. For everything else, you have to type the actual server commands)


    You MUST unzip Furc3D2 to your furcadia directory, or it will not work. Furc3D2 relies on several of Furcadia's data files for graphics and maps.

    If you get an error about a missing DLL when running the DirectX version, you need to install a newer version of DirectX.

    DirectX 9.0c OR OpenGL, and a non-ancient video card with modern drivers (HLSL/GLSL must be supported).
    Windows XP ('may' work on WinE under linux as well). (For Vista, your on your own)


    v0.0015 (2007 april 15)
    Updated to run understand the new protocol for player movement. It now searches the new default location for character .ini files. Also added parsing of the new html-like tags for colored text (this replaces the old text coloring logic).

    (Old Versions)

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