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About Furc3D2 -- News -- Download -- Bug Tracker -- Thanks

v0.0014 (2007 march 1)
Walls are now loaded from .fs2/.fsh files, deskewed, stripped of their fake shadow, and used as a texture for rendering walls. There's still a lot of odd little glitches in the textures from the process that need worked out still, and the indexing is probably wrong for some higher numeberd walls. But it's better than a cheezy solid chunk of stone representing every wall :P Also, we now acknowledge the existance of floore in patches for floor tiles.

NOTE: versions below here require the old libraries: version 28

v0.0013 (2006 october 22)
Dreams files compressed with the bz2 algorithm are now decompressed and loadable. Fixed a couple map loading bugs.

v0.0012 (2006 august 6)
LZW compressed dreams (like the silver sponsor dream) can now be decompressed and entered normally. Fixed a problem with the deskewed map size not being wide enough, and hence cutting off parts of very large maps. Floor tiles whose value is beyond 255 should now load and show up normally.

v0.0011 (2006 august 5)
A lot of internal improvements to the graphics framework mainly, from other stuff I'd been working on. Load times and compatability should be a little better as well.

NOTE: versions below here require the old libraries: version 27

v0.0010 (2005 december 31)
OpenGL version is fully functional. Notice that there are two .exe's now: One is for DirectX, the other is for OpenGL. Objects are now represented by models, and I've made a number of models for them. Floor tiles generate much faster now, and shouldn't have any problems on older hardware anymore.

v0.0009 (2005 september 10)
Whole new text rendering class written. Scrolling windows implemented. Scrollbar added for main chat window. Note: libraries changed, you need the new one.

NOTE: all versions below here require the old libraries: version 24

v0.0008 (2005 august 5)
Mostly just a lot of internal changes, switching more old stuff over to new stuff.

v0.0007 (2005 june 17)
Mostly just some huge internal changes to my networking framework. Multiple network connections can now be established, amongst other things. When you step into dream now, it will download the dream now and save it in \f3d2_tmp\. Unfortunatly these dreams are still in a compressed format and aren't usable directly, so for now the client just boots you back out after it downloads the dream.

v0.0006 (2005 may 25)
Colors for the player components are loaded in now, and player triangles are colored based off vest/fur color. The IP and port of the furcadia server can now be specified (data\furc_ip.txt). Lot more internal changes dealing with resource management; D3D is restored properly now after a device is lost.

v0.0005 (2005 may 15)
Major internal changes to resource management, but no visible changes. Starting with this version, I have packaged the libraries seperatly in order to lower download time for anyone that already had a previous version of Furc3D2.

v0.0004 (2005 may 5)
Dreams are now visible (though you still can't enter them).
v0.0003 (2005 april 29)
Added check for hardware TnL support. Minor other fixes/improvements to the direct3d startup stuff.

v0.0002 (2005 april 29)
You can now whisper with the / command. You can also click other players now.

v0.0001 (2005 april 28)
First version released publicy.

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